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Consequences of Stray Dogs Overpopulation in Bali

Bali is closely linked to the beautiful scenery and the stray dogs loitering around to relish beside the comforting, gushing ocean waves. Ironically, Bali has relatively high numbers of dogs and has exceeded the population limit.  Stray dogs in Bali via   According to the head of the Disease Eradication and Environmental Health Division (P2PL), the Provincial Health Office of Bali, Gede Wira Sunetra, stated that there are 500,000 wild d

A Dog Bites & Rabies: Stray Animals Problem in Asia

Dog bites and rabies continue to scare thousands of people in more than 150 countries and territories. According to the World Health Organization, rabies is an infectious viral disease that is almost always fatal following the onset of clinical symptoms.  A dog bites via   A Dog Bites & Rabies: Human vs Stray Animals Conflict  Up to 99% rabies virus transmits to humans through domestic dogs, causing 95% of human deaths in Asia and Afric

Dog’s Life, Worth More Than A Dog Meat On The Satay Stick

Eating chicken meat maybe common to human consumption, but what about ingesting dog meat? On the very basis, dog meat trade has played an important role in Asia, such as China, Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia.   Dog meat satay via Animals Australia   The Dog Meat Trade Condition in Asia Five million dogs per year face their end in Vietnam. Meanwhile, 2015 research indicated the human consumption of dog meat reaching 730,000 in which nearly 100,000 dogs are brutally sla