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A Dog Bites & Rabies: Stray Animals Problem in Asia

Dog bites and rabies continue to scare thousands of people in more than 150 countries and territories. According to the World Health Organization, rabies is an infectious viral disease that is almost always fatal following the onset of clinical symptoms. 

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A Dog Bites & Rabies: Human vs Stray Animals Conflict 

Up to 99% rabies virus transmits to humans through domestic dogs, causing 95% of human deaths in Asia and Africa by which children from 5-14 ages are vulnerable and frequent victims. Dog bites, scratches, saliva are the sources of spreading. 


Even though this vaccine-preventable disease is serious, rabies is neglected by predominantly poor and indigent inhabitants occupying remote rural areas. For decades, dog bites infections haunt them as if they are possible to be the next victim of rabies. 

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Rabies exists without any boundaries. The case has become an issue in all continents, except Antarctica since 55,000 rabies deaths are reported. At least 90% of cases are reported from Asia


India, the second-most populous country in the world, must undergo the deadliest killer, rabies. It is a rough path for the country to be able to control the overpopulation of dogs, 25 million dogs in total. According to WHO, dog bites also adds up to 1.75 million. This infection is taking the attention of many people because of the cause given, leading to annual 20,800 deaths. Indeed, India continuously contributes 36 percent of rabies deaths in the world

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The problem of dog bites is getting real in Sri Lanka after 2,000 people being hospitalized. Concerned about the increasing number of the stray dog population, the government has attempted to exterminate stray dogs. No later than 2006, the practice stopped, yet, 320,000 dog bites were reported, and 43 persons died in 2011. 


Another rabies case grabs the attention of the Cambodian population. It is on the report that dog bites reach up to 600,000 per year in which 800 people died due to rabies. The cycle repeats since 2000 as the Institut Pasteur in Cambodia discovered the average 200 of dog bites each year and rabies-infected people were nearly 50% (2 cases per week). 

Center for vaccination against rabies in Cambodia via Institut Pasteur


There are five million dogs with most remains unvaccinated. 350,000 Vietnamese have also been haunted by rabies for more than 40 years. Even though the prevention of human rabies has been conducted, rabies’s victims whirled up to 67 last year, compared to 78 in all 2015, 91 in 2016, and 74 in 2017 among 9,000 cases annually. 


Not only Vietnam, but Indonesia also becomes one of the breeding grounds of rabies. Jane Soepardi, Director of Prevention and Control of Vector and Zoonotic Diseases at the Ministry of Health Disease, dismantled the widespread of rabies across 25 Indonesia’s provinces. Annually, the cases can top to 76,000 cases. In a year, there are 100 dog bites cases, and in a year, 36,000 incidents are reported.

Unvaccinated dog in Vietnam via BBC.com


Dog Bite Treatment: Preventing Infection, Seeking Help

Preventing the spread of rabies especially through a dog bites consumes time and energy. It is not as simple as snapping your fingers. Some come out with multiple ways such as eliminating rabies in dogs, raising awareness on rabies and dog bites, and promoting preventive immunization in people. 


First, this vaccine-preventable disease can be averted by vaccinating the dog, reduces the chances one’s to undergo dog bites incidents. Second, the essential part of preventing rabies is by educating both children and adults about dog behavior and bite prevention. With the information provided, one can avoid the occurrence of human rabies and the financial burden for dog bites treatment. 

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For example, how to be a responsible pet owner, how to prevent dog bites, what are the immediate care after getting bitten. Last, immunization for human rabies called Post-exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) treatment comes out as a way to save rabies-infected people. The vaccines are suitable for people working in the life-risking field such as researchers about rabies or rabies-related viruses (lyssavirus); professionals or activists having direct contact with rabid animals; travelers or inhabitants living in remote areas. 


One of the most frequent victims, children, must get pre-exposure immunization who are visiting or occupying places with a high rabies exposure risk because they might receive underreported severe bites as they enjoy playing with animals. 

Overload hospital in development country via aktk.in


Yet, sometimes the truth leaves negative epiphany. Although human vaccines for rabies has been invented, the medication is not accessible for people in developing countries due to its jaw-dropping price, availability, and lack of knowledge about rabies. The control for rabies fails because the vaccination coverage is low. 


Data showed in 2012, 91 percent vaccination coverage could not prevent the spread of rabies because wild dogs carrying rabies virus are all over the place. Most shelters are not feasible where they provide poor welfare conditions. The cleanliness of cages is questionable since it is not clean enough. 

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Dogs lack of proper service, interaction, and personal attention by which they are not fed adequately and overcrowded. In fact, Sabu Stephen, a social activist from Kerala, mentioned, “Those which are found are put up for adoption. When no one adopts them, they are euthanized. Same is done in the US and Ireland.” 


In this era, there is no way to cover up the increasing number of stray animals. However, the overpopulation of stray animals could force people to take irrational action. A study, conducted in India, reported that 43 percent of the respondents viewed killing stray dogs and suspecting aggressive dogs are the best way to control rabies. 

Many dogs dead via The News Minute


The study has been proven with a highly disturbing video uploaded on Twitter on June 23, 2019. In the one minute clip, a group of workers in Telangana’s Siddipet dumped 40 dead dogs into a truck mercilessly. They explained that they have been assigned by the municipality authorities to butcher the dogs. Not only that, municipal staff were involved in poisoning the dogs as another 30 dog corpses were found at the dump yard. 


Sustainable Solution: Overcome Animals Overpopulation Through Adoption Program

Many cases above happen around the world every day. Enough for rabid bites, people dying from rabies, and immoral acts of rabid bites prevention. Animal overpopulation especially a dog is the root causes these problems. The bad news is many people are still using animal mistreatment practices to overcome the high number of dog bites case and rabies infection.

Stray animals definition via Adopsi.org


Killing through many animal cruelty practices is an ineffective solution to reduce the number of stray dogs in a sustainable way. It is now the time to move forward before everything gets worse. Using the ADOPSI App, you can spread kindness and stop the unwanted mistreatment to animals around you. 


ADOPSI App is available to respond to the need for stray animals, searching for suitable homes for them to reside. This free platform also bridges the adopter and stray animals in a simpler and safer way through which the adopter’s applicant can obtain full adoptee data. 


While it seems easy to adopt pets, it requires a lot of willingness, seriousness, and dedication. We want to save more animals and this is why we want to bring ADOPSI app in Asia. So everyone in Asia can use ADOPSI app to help their adoption process to solve the animal overpopulation problem. Each can, therefore, contribute to ADOPSI App campaign. Your help matters a lot to stray animals especially in Asia so they can sense the taste of compassion.  Save lives, get loves!

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