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Dog’s Life, Worth More Than A Dog Meat On The Satay Stick

Eating chicken meat maybe common to human consumption, but what about ingesting dog meat? On the very basis, dog meat trade has played an important role in Asia, such as China, Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia.


Dog meat satay via Animals Australia


The Dog Meat Trade Condition in Asia

Five million dogs per year face their end in Vietnam. Meanwhile, 2015 research indicated the human consumption of dog meat reaching 730,000 in which nearly 100,000 dogs are brutally slaughtered in Bali. From restaurants to mobile meat vendors selling dog meat is an inseparable culture to Indonesia. 

Dog meat trade in Yogyakarta via BBC


The owner of a dog meat stall named Sukardi pioneered his business since 1979 in one of the provinces in Indonesia, Yogyakarta. And now, he has four branches spreading around Surakarta. Then, he admits that he butchered four to five dogs within a day, distributed from several areas in East Java to West Java, Indramayu, Pangandaran, Tasikmalaya, Pelabuhan Ratu. 


Fulfilling the high demand for dog meat does not burden him since he will capture wild dogs during rainy days, and he never stops ordering dogs from the supplier. Another famous restaurant serving dog meat lies in Jakarta. Located on Jalan Prof. Dr. Satrion, Ragey offers a buffet without tags on the food displayed. 

Grilled dog meat and the side dish via vice.com


The one-time experience can also be found in Medan. Walking down through Jalan Jamin Ginting, visitors uncover the hidden cruelty of dogs. “B-1” or “biang” is how the people in Batak call dogs. In the small wooden restaurant, Warung Jhon successfully establishes its name for selling dog meat. People can choose to eat dog soup, barbecued, and dog meat curry spiced with a rich dose of herbs. For Batak people, dog meat is the main cuisine that gains popularity. 


Who knows, Bali, the “Island Paradise” legalizes dog-eating habit. Even though the numbers fluctuate, tourists consume dog meat inadvertently as many may think they are buying chicken “satay.” In fact, Animal Australia dismantles the dark secret of killing dogs using poisons like cyanide. 


The atrocity against dogs does not stop there. Animal rights group Animals Australia (AA) figured out that seven times more dogs are killed in Bali every year compared to the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China. 


Tourist buy dog meat satay in Bali via Animals Australia


In 2010, the Yulin festival allowed the dog meat traders to empower their business, leading to infuriating the international community. The festival has let the mistreatment of dogs to happen. After being forced to travel far away, many terrified dogs prefer to sit still in their packed wire cages while slowly the end is approaching.


Those innocent animals will end up getting beaten, burned, or boiled alive for human consumption. Human’s desire and greed is sometimes inhumane and unhygienic. Taken as an example, a man in Sichuan visited a shelter in Yibin with the pretext of needing a watchdog which, in fact, he killed the dog to satisfy his craving


Furthermore, he erased his tracks by removing the meat from the freezer and burying it. Without further ado, the truth that some people in Southeast Asia are accustomed to eating dog meat is proven to be true.


How Does Dog Meat Eating Habit Affect Health?

Dog meat trade via One Green Planet


To dog eaters, dog-eating habit is believed to benefit health. First, the high calories in dog meat warm our body up. During the cold winter, some people consume dog meat as a way to restore their warmth. On the opposite side, dog meat will restrain the heat from the sun. “If you eat dog meat at night, your body will be heated. The next day, you feel fresher,” utter a customer of dog meat. 


With consuming dog meat, they believe it can regain their stamina back, preventing one from tiring out. Another reason for eating dogs is it strengthens immune systems. Dog meat is a protein source consisting of amino acids which increase the immune system and builds up antibodies to avoid many diseases like infections. 

Yulin Dog Meat Festival via Daily Star


Not only that, they believe that by consuming dog meat stimulates the bloodstream fluency, increases libido, repairs spinal cord and nutrition, and develops the body's tissues. Locals in the Guangdong province trust the therapeutic value of dog meat, which may impact on their health. Differ from Chinese; dog meat exhibits the symbol of good luck for Vietnamese while Korean and the Philippines see dog meat to stimulate sexual desire. 


Besides the benefits offered from eating dog meat, the truth explicates how unhealthy dog meats are. As studied by Wertheim et al. 2009, a high risk for rabies transmission comes from the butchering of unvaccinated dogs in rabies-endemic countries. 

Photo via epicanimalquest.com


Two men were confirmed dead after deciding to eat a dead dog. 40% of rabies victims showed the effect of working at dog butchering houses in which the study by the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology of Viet Nam (NIHE) discovered that two in ten sick dogs carried rabies. 


Other findings by an epidemiological survey in China found out two in 64 patients were positive rabies by either killing or consuming dog meat. Dr. Luningnig Elio-Villa, a coordinator of the Department of Health’s rabies control program, emphasized how dangerous was dog meat. “If the dog is cooked, the virus is destroyed, but many are eaten raw. And anyone cutting up a dead dog can transmit the virus to themselves if they touch their eyes or lips while they have traces of the dog’s fluids on their hands,” mentioned her. 


Not only rabies but also eating dog meat may endanger one’s health by infecting the Trichinosis parasite. Dogs that have made contact with dirt and rodents are more likely to ingest the larvae of the parasite. After getting caught, the dog will be infected and soon the eater. 

Dog meat stall in Vietnam via japantimes.co.jp


A study revealed in Vietnam that 8 out of 126 patients, diagnosed with trichinosis, died. Dog meat puts one at risk from the poison used in slaughtering dogs. The poison remains in the flesh and ends up killing the customer. It is prevalent to see someone who died after eating the body of a dead dog with five people lost their lives under “mysterious circumstances.” 


Dogs Deserve Better Than Just Be a Dog Meat

Either documented or undocumented, this practice is unethical in this highly globalized society. No heedful men would justify the act of eating “man’s best friend.” It is now the time to move forward to a more caring environment by which we taught ourselves to value animals. 


A high number of wasted animals suffer just to satisfy one’s pleasure. This violent trade undermines the worth of each living being. “Dog stew”, “dog satay”, or any dog meat symbolize how we neglect to realize their unique characteristics. 


Dogs deserve better than just a “food source.” They are the best companions for they serve in police forces, homes for the young and elderly, schools, and hospitals.  Before the situation worsens, we can pave a different pathway where the dog’s right will be protected from any kind of brutality. 

A happy dog via earth.com


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