We hope ADOPSI pet adoption app can help save more animals and be the most genuine platform to spread happiness around the world. Save Lives, Get Love.

how to donate
How to Donate

There are some possible ways to donate and support our missions. Your donation are matters for the animals! Let’s help ADOPSI pet adoption app grow worldwide!

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Join Our Crowdfunding

Adopsi is designed to solve stray animal overpopulation problems through a pet adoption platform with latest technology. Support our mission!

new adopsiapp

The new Adopsi app features will simplify the stray animals and pet adoption processes by adding more advanced “all-in-hand” improvement. Download the idea here.


Our Missions

With the numbers of request we got from our supporters, we are planning to rebuild the code and re-develop ADOPSI pet adoption app into a wideworld multi-platform app. This way, ADOPSI app can be used for FREE by more people to save more animals and spread more love. Since our first Google Play Store launch in September 2016, there are more than 13.000+ users who have downloaded our app and send us a lot of precious feedbacks and features for the new version of ADOPSI as a global pet adoption app.

To learn more about ADOPSI pet adoption app missions, you may read here. To learn more about our new development plan, you can download the document here.

The New Adopsi App

adopsi homepage

Improved Home Page

We will improve our landing screen to become easier and more user-friendly to everyone and everywhere around the world.

adopsi searchanimal

Search Animals Near You

We want as many as possible animals being adopted by their most responsible adopters. With this feature, you may find adoptable pets and animal shelters nearby faster and easier.

adopsi foradoption

Improved Adoptable Animals Page

We are adding sharing capabilities to share in more platforms and make it easier for people to read a clear information about each animals information.

adopsi petprofile

Improved Pet Profile

Huge changes of the interface and we are going to increase photo limits of each animal up to three photos.

adopsi chatfeature

Chat Feature

We are considering to implement third-party messaging apps to provide better communication channels between the adopters and the adoptee

adopsi sethomevisit

Set Home Visit

We are adding easy access for Adoptee to set a schedule and open map while doing a home survey to the adopters by implementing friendly geo-location functionalities.

adopsi pawcoin

Introducing Paw Coin

We are planning to include app gamification to increase user interaction. Paw coin can be used for support adoptable animals in our apps and buy digital items.

We Need Funding!

ADOPSI app is built to accommodate the problems of stray animals and pet adoption. We’re here to help to solve those problems. Extending the hope for these poor animals while spreading the love of human compassionate. To save lives, get love.

For the next 12 months, we are looking for a total grant of $100.000 to help us rebuild the app. If we have reached at least 30% of our goals, we are going to start the work and set the target to launch the beta version by the end of the 6th month.

Your donation matters! If you like what we are doing and want us to continue working on our new ADOPSI plan, please help us to reach the goals!

funding progress
chart temporary
chart temporary chart temporary

ADOPSI is a society product, we believe in the power of human-animal love and compassion will help ADOPSI to realize its mission! We guarantee the incoming donations will be transparent and strictly used for the development of the pet adoption app.

How to Donate

There are some possible ways to distribute your donation :



ADOPSI pet adoption app crowdfunding is only available on the top two platforms and our volunteers are prohibited to ask donation outside of the links above. If you need to confirm your donation, please contact us at

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